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XCO drive package - the alternative to stainless steel


XCO stands for eXtreme Corrosion Option and is an innovative tin-nickel surface with stainless steel like appearance. Thanks to its hardness of approx. 645 HV, the surface is scratch-resistant and prevents coating from coming off. Drives equipped with the XCO drive package are characterized by a high corrosion resistance and are also approved for short-time contact with food (according to 1935/2004/EC).

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Information campaign - discontinued motors


SEW-EURODRIVE's existing range of asynchronous motors with nominal powers less than 0.75 kW are currently not available with increased efficiency levels (eg IE3). To meet these requirements, SEW-EURODRIVE is currently expanding its successful DRN.. range of IE3 motors to include powers less than 0.75 kW for sizes 63, 71, and 80. In parallel SEW will also offer new motors for continuing deliveries at the lower efficiency rates.


Discontinued motors

To implement this scheme efficiently, especially in our central production plants, new IE1 motors in sizes 56, 63, 71 and 80 will be introduced under the type designation DR2S. These motors are derived from the new DRN. motors by making modifications to the winding. The current motors DT56, DR63, DRS71, and 80 will be completely phased out within a short time and will then no longer be available for sale.

Consequences for the market:

- current motors DT56, DR63, DR.71 and 80 will be completely phased out within a short time and will then no longer be available for sale.

- DRN.. and DR2S.. motor types will be designed as classical AC asynchronous motors in all sizes:

  • Sizes 71 and 80 will have full option capability, as is the case for DRN.. motors with high power.
  • Size 63 will have a reduced range of options (new BE03 brake and integrated EI7C encoder, among others).


- 08/2018: Sales release 1: new motors part 1(tbd) & official phase-out of the corresponding old products.

- 07/2019: 1st modified pricing

- 10/2019: 2nd modified pricing

- 12/2019: activation of after sales-service=not possible anymore for ordering of old items without serial numbers.

Only ordering possible for maintenance and repair purposes. Very long delivery times and high costs could be the result by ordering.

SEW will be at your service for all questions and needed support regarding this information campaign.

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K..39 and K..49 2-stage helical-bevel gear units


Sizes K..39 and K..49 are two additions to the upper torque range of the 9-series of helical-bevel gear units. With a maximum output torque of 300 Nm (K..39) or 500 Nm (K..49), they allow us to offer efficient 2-stage helical-bevel gear units, even for higher power ranges.



In the DRN.. gearmotor catalog you will find information about the die-cast aluminum version of K..19/K..29, as well as the new gear unit sizes K..39/K..49.

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MFE62A EtherNet/IP™ interface


In order to meet existing customer requirements, the MOVIMOT® drive system is now offered with an EtherNet/IPTM interface. Sales will be focusing on both new systems and systems in which DeviceNet™ is to be replaced with EtherNet/IP™.

Product description and possible applications


The new MFE62A interface expands the existing range of communication interfaces and allows MOVIMOT® drives and field distributors to be connected to EtherNet/IP™ networks.

As with the existing fieldbus interfaces, external sensors and actuators can also be connected to the MFE62A using M12 plug connectors or terminals. As is the case for the MFE52A PROFINET interface (identical hardware), there is only one version.

More info

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Product announcement: MLK32A option for MOVIMOT® AS-Interface





In the future, we will offer not only the existing MLK30A and MLK31A AS-Interfaces, but also an additional AS-Interface option for MOVIMOT® drives. The MLK32A adds additional functions to the product range. The MLK32A allows 62 Slaves in a single AS-Interface Network, meaning that the number of AS-Interface masters required in a system can be reduced. In addition, the MLK32A can be used in combination with the STO function. The optional STO can be used in the same way as for the MOVIMOT® with binary control.

The option’s target applications are very extensive systems or systems with safety zones.

Product features

The MLK32A AS-Interface features the following:

  • Integration into the MOVIMOT® connection board
  • A/B slave technology
  • Multiple speeds and ramps
  • Can link up to 62 AS-Interface Slaves
  • Optional STO by disconnecting the safety-related 24 V supply voltage
  • Operation only in combination with new MOVIMOT® firmware .18 (will be updated in the second quarter of 2016)


As of now, the sales release is scheduled for the third quarter of 2016

Comparison of MOVIMOT® AS-Interfaces:

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Option Stations Speeds Parametrization STO 24V supply:MLK 24 V supply: MOVIMOT
MLK30A 31 2 (16) Local - AS-I AS-I or 24 V AUX-PWR
MLK31A 31 6 Local + AS-I - AS-I AS-I or 24 V AUX-PWR
NEW :MLK32A 62 6 Local YES AS-I Always
We have stored a table for you here.