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Product announcement: MLK32A option for MOVIMOT® AS-Interface





In the future, we will offer not only the existing MLK30A and MLK31A AS-Interfaces, but also an additional AS-Interface option for MOVIMOT® drives. The MLK32A adds additional functions to the product range. The MLK32A allows 62 Slaves in a single AS-Interface Network, meaning that the number of AS-Interface masters required in a system can be reduced. In addition, the MLK32A can be used in combination with the STO function. The optional STO can be used in the same way as for the MOVIMOT® with binary control.

The option’s target applications are very extensive systems or systems with safety zones.

Product features

The MLK32A AS-Interface features the following:

  • Integration into the MOVIMOT® connection board
  • A/B slave technology
  • Multiple speeds and ramps
  • Can link up to 62 AS-Interface Slaves
  • Optional STO by disconnecting the safety-related 24 V supply voltage
  • Operation only in combination with new MOVIMOT® firmware .18 (will be updated in the second quarter of 2016)


As of now, the sales release is scheduled for the third quarter of 2016

Comparison of MOVIMOT® AS-Interfaces:

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Option Stations Speeds Parametrization STO 24V supply:MLK 24 V supply: MOVIMOT
MLK30A 31 2 (16) Local - AS-I AS-I or 24 V AUX-PWR
MLK31A 31 6 Local + AS-I - AS-I AS-I or 24 V AUX-PWR
NEW :MLK32A 62 6 Local YES AS-I Always
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