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Information campaign - discontinued motors


SEW-EURODRIVE's existing range of asynchronous motors with nominal powers less than 0.75 kW are currently not available with increased efficiency levels (eg IE3). To meet these requirements, SEW-EURODRIVE is currently expanding its successful DRN.. range of IE3 motors to include powers less than 0.75 kW for sizes 63, 71, and 80. In parallel SEW will also offer new motors for continuing deliveries at the lower efficiency rates. To implement this scheme efficiently, new IE1 motors in sizes 56, 63


Discontinued motors

Consequences for the market:

- current motors DT56, DR63, DR.71 and 80 will be completely phased out within a short time and will then no longer be available for sale.

- DRN.. and DR2S.. motor types will be designed as classical AC asynchronous motors in all sizes:

  • Sizes 71 and 80 will have full option capability, as is the case for DRN.. motors with high power.
  • Size 63 will have a reduced range of options (new BE03 brake and integrated EI7C encoder, among others).