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NEW DRN.. AC motors < 0.75


New energy-saving provisions are in force and more are planned that will also affect asynchronous motors with nominal power ratings lower than 0.75 kW. Even without a specific date for when the regulations will go into effect, you can invest today in futureproof, secure purchases with SEW-EURODRIVE: the DRN.. series motors in the power range of 0.09 to 0.55 kW in the IE3 energy efficiency class.

The complete modular motor system in IE3, from 0.09 to 20

NEW DRN.. AC motors < 0.75

It is precisely where systems must run continuously that energy-efficient motors provide demonstrable advantages when it comes to energy consumption. And with respect to switching operation as well, it definitely makes sense to compare and contrast motors in IE1 with those in IE3. Furthermore, the < 0.75 kW DRN.. motors also offer the same scope of accessories and options as the “larger” sizes. A new, smaller mechanical gear unit interface enhances the gearmotor modular system’s flexibility and combinations.

Furthermore, a maintenance-free BE03 brake, optionally with functional safety, and the new built-in encoder EI7C is length-neutral. The new IE3 motors are also available with an IP54 degree of protection and the option of IP55 to IP66.