GearFluid by SEW‑EURODRIVE Sustainable thoughts and actions form part of our company strategy. We have therefore made it our mission to positively help protect the environment through new and refined products. We have achieved this most recently with GearFluid by SEW-EURODRIVE. This environmentally-friendly alternative to lubricants based on fossil fuels is manufactured in an impressive procedure, which emits 84 percent less CO2.

GearFluid by SEW-EURODRIVE is biological and environmentally-friendly. We use sustainable biomass, such as biowaste and food waste, to produce our GearFluid. These are processed into a high-quality lubricant in a complex synthesis process. As such, there is no need to use any fossil fuels whatsoever.

The manufacturing process for the base oil of our GearFluid Poly 220 E1 uses a certified mass balance approach and does not involve the consumption of any fossil raw materials, which reduces its CO2 footprint by 84% compared with conventional polyglycol lubricants. You can also save money as the lubricant lasts 50 percent longer and its maintenance interval is longer too.

What’s more, GearFluid is rapidly biodegradable in accordance with OECD 301B and can therefore also be used in environmentally sensitive areas. Compared with conventional bio oils, GearFluid extends the lubricant change interval by up to 300%. There are no restrictions on the use of various oil seals and seal materials.

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Through GearFluid by SEW-EURODRIVE, not only are we positively helping to protect the environment. The extended service life and the resulting fewer oil changes reduce oil consumption and therefore also the costs for an oil change compared with conventional polyglycol lubricants.
Alexander Hüttinger, Head of the Tribology & Sealing Systems technology group
It is very important to us that our products are sustainable. With GearFluid by SEW-EURODRIVE, we are complying with the Renewable Energy Directive of the European Commission. This directive stipulates that no foodstuffs or palm-based raw materials should be used in production. We have also thought carefully about the containers for GearFluid: The canisters are manufactured using plastic that contains some recycled material.
Eiko Filler, Product Manager