At SEW-EURODRIVE, we are convinced of the importance of lifelong learning. Especially in our fast-changing industry, if you want to work efficiently with a product or application, solid training is a must. This is why SEW- EURODRIVE offers a wide range of training courses on a variety of subjects. Trainings can be organized at our Leuven site, at the Innovation Hall in Marke, in the service center in Marche-en-Famenne or at your office.

Below is an overview of the topics and products we can provide training on:

Geared Motors

Geared Motors
Geared Motors
  • Motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Brakes
  • Encoders

B-Generation frequency inverters

SEW image
Movidrive B
  • Motionstudio (for maintenance engineers)
  • Movitrac B
  • Movidrive B
  • Moviaxis
  • Movimot
  • Movigear / DRC
  • Movifit FC with optional S12B
  • Movipro

C-generation frequency inverters

SEW image
  • Movisuite (for maintenance engineers)
  • Movitrac advanced
  • Movidrive technology
  • Movidrive modular
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