SEW Vichte (Anzegem)

SEW-EURODRIVE is present in Vichte (Anzegem) with an innovation and service center.


In the Service Center, we can offer you custom trainings and services.

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The Innovation Center serves for customer demonstrations, Proof of Concept (POC) and training. We showcase the latest SEW technologies and how they can be implemented on typical industrial applications:

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Lift technology using Power and Energy storage Solutions

Vertical applications with dynamic load flow are particularly suited for energy storage solutions. We avoid burning energy in braking resistors, instead storing energy as close to the application needs as possible in the DC-link. We equipped our lift with local energy storage (capacitors) . See our power and energy solutions

We developed a custom software management solution to minimize energy buffer size and cost, and maximize energy savings. Based on our experience in this technology, we can discuss with you typical application examples and assist you in calculating valid business cases. Our application examples

Shuttle system with contactless energy transfer, Power and Energy Solutions & open safety concept

Productivity and safety can go hand-in-hand. Important is to take safety constraints into account during design. Our shuttle is an open installation that invites people to work in close proximity while still ensuring personal safety and system productivity.

Mobile energy transfer is done with our MoviTrans system (more about Movitrans System ), a contactless solution that minimizes operation maintenance cost. This system is combined with a small local energy buffer, to ensure safe system deceleration in case of power failure.

With our Power and Energy solutions, we increased available power for horizontal acceleration (cycle time), while simultaneously reducing peak power infeed.

Conveyor equipment is added to demonstrate important safety design requirements, and decentralized conveyor solutions available for a range of network protocols and topologies. (more about Decentralized Drives)

XY manipulator with decentralized drive solutions

With ever increasing production complexity and flexibility requirements, decentralized drive solutions can offer advantages in terms of maintainability and architectural simplicity. We demonstrate our portfolio on a typical XY manipulator, showcasing e.g. integrated roller conveyor drives, integrated servo solutions and systems with gearbox, gearunit and inverter technology integrated in a single system up to IE5 . (more about Energy Saving)

Linear technology shows you how to combine precision with mechanical simplicity. more info

Delta robot

Picking solutions with standardized drive trains are also possible.

Integrated logistics solution

All applications above are connected using an integrated logistics solution with mobile vehicles. The SEW fleet manager provides a consolidated overview of vehicle status.

Power and Energy Solutions demonstrator

With our Power and Energy Solutions demonstrator, we are able to simulate your application and inspecting the resulting control behaviour. One drive train unit acts as the load generator; the second unit demonstrates optimal control and energy storage.