MOVIPRO® ADC application inverter

With its freely programmable drive and application inverter, MOVIPRO® ADC brings your production system architecture up to date – regardless of whether you use stationary or mobile materials handling technology.

Compact and freely programmable controller for decentralized drive technology

Freely programmable drive inverter for drive control
MOVIPRO® ADC: Application inverter for high-performance drive control

Do your mobile and stationary materials handling systems need drive systems that are compact and resistant to vibration? Do you require perfectly synchronized multi-axis movements? Are integrated safety functions an absolute must for you?

Our decentralized MOVIPRO® ADC drive inverter for application and positioning control meets all of these requirements, and more: Because it can be programmed freely (in accordance with IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen), you can implement application-specific and complex functions in a flexible way. In addition to multi-axis synchronization, precise, local coordination of multiple actuators and sensors is also possible.

This makes MOVIPRO® ADC the optimum solution for decentralized drive technology in the following situations:

  • If vast installations need to be equipped with and automated by electrical drives
  • If you need to ensure the precise synchronization of multiple axes within your system, or coordinate multiple sensors and actuators
  • If your process requires advanced safety functions
  • If your system is based on reusable modular functions
  • If your process requires a compact and integrated drive controller
  • If you want to implement optimal speed control and precise positioning
  • If you plan to manage I/Os and encoders locally
  • If quick diagnostics and maintenance are important to you
  • If you want a complete drive solution in one package

With the MOVIPRO® ADC drive, positioning and application controller, you can build the foundations for an open and flexible system architecture – whether you're designing a new system or modernizing an old system. We guarantee you functional compatibility with existing control cabinet applications. When combined with our MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio, you can benefit from an integrated software environment for your entire engineering process – from setup and diagnostics right through to maintenance.

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