Multi-brand SEW Service Center

Industrial Gearboxes
Competence Center

Heavy gearboxes
In the heart of Europe, SEW has deployed its multi-brand Service Center

For all types, for all industries, we are specialists in:

We offer you a complete drive service

Standard overhauling

Standard overhauling


Complete solution, reliability


requires the following steps:

Shaft, housing, gearing : repair, new, reverse engineering of all parts

Heavy gearboxes
Repair, maintenance of all gearboxes

have no more secrets for us

...and many more options

Always seeking to serve you better!

In 2023, the service center will be extended with an additional 1000m² workshop with a hoist capacity of 40 tons. Once the building is complete, we will be able to take on even bigger projects. More storage capacity will help us to further optimize the workflow. All these improvements will enable us to provide even better quality of service in the future.

SEW Service Center IG

Multi-brand SEW Service Center IG Belgium

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